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Explore the Latest Nissan Features and Technology

New Nissan models offer some of the most exciting features and technology currently available. From connected infotainment services to advanced driver safety tech, these Nissan features are designed to make your life easier than ever before. No longer do everyday problems and nuances need to interfere with Nissan ownership. Explore some of the latest features below, then be sure to check out our new inventory to find the perfect [Dealership Make] to fit your and your lifestyle.

Nissan Apple CarPlay

Nissan Apple CarPlay screen

Apple CarPlay is one of the best and easiest ways to pair your Apple iPhone to your new Nissan. Utilizing the integrated NissanConnect system, Apple CarPlay gives you access to hands-free calling, texting, navigation, and quick access to apps like Apple Music and Spotify.

Nissan Android Auto

Nissan Android Auto screen

Android Auto is by and far one of the best ways to integrate your Android device and your new Nissan. By using the NissanConnect infotainment system, Android Auto provides all the benefits of a mobile phone.

Nissan Bluetooth Setup

Nissan dashboard with bluetooth screen

Bluetooth is one of the quickest and easiest ways to connect your mobile device or MP3 player to your new Nissan. By pairing with the NissanConnect infotainment system, Bluetooth audio allows for hands-free calling, navigation, music streaming, and much more.

Nissan 3rd-Row Seating

Nissan 3rd-Row Seating

Third-row seating has quickly become one of the most popular features for new SUVs. Here at Nissan we are excited to offer two new SUVs with 3rd-row seating as standard, giving buyers more options than ever before.

Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control

Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control demonstration

Nissan Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) is a smart driver's aid designed to respond to fluctuating traffic conditions. Unlike traditional cruise control systems, Intelligent Cruise Control will automatically slow your vehicle down when traffic appears.

Nissan VC-Turbo Engine

Nissan VC-Turbo Engine

The Nissan VC-Turbo is a revolutionary new engine design, capable of on-the-fly compression adjustment. Unlike traditional engines which have a fixed compression ratio, the VC-Turbo engine can adjust its compression to the perfect ratio.

Manual Transmission Nissan Models

Manual Transmission Nissan

Nissan currently offers the new Frontier, Versa, and 370Z with a manual transmission for those who still enjoy the manually shifting their vehicles. The 370Z also features the advanced Synchrorev Match® technology which will rev-match your downshifts for you.